Matthes Logo

A logo for a client I just got, I’m working on the website & collateral now!

Save the Date

My latest wedding piece… I’ll update it with the final product, I’m going paper shopping soon!

Another Outdoor Board

It’s always fun to look up and see your work.

Sports Lounge Menu

One of my favorite menus that I have done. It really drives the feel of the place!

New Year’s Eve 2010

High energy and high-end materials were used to invoke an exclusive party feel. Debossing and foil made this invitation stand out. Custom converted envelopes completed the project’s aesthetics.


Promo Stuff

I’m liking the way this came out. Especially good for a promo.


A few murals I did for the Casino.

Celebrate Jackpot Piece

Celebrate good times… this thing won’t stop playing that song! Curse you song cards!


I want to win! I can now say that I got to design a large game show piece.


Point Exclusives: Volume 2 CD

The cover was painted in Photoshop to create a pin-up girl with a 50’s look. The disc was designed with the repeating background element. A white case was chosen to contrast the disc.