My newest mural! I designed this in Illustrator and brought it to fruition on drywall. Lots of geometry here! 11’x8′ – Latex


Another impasto background yet this time it is mixed with a very geometric design. 24″x48″ – Oil, Acrylic & Copper Leaf on Canvas


This is the largest painting I have done and it is also quite heavy with the impasto background (that made the leafing very difficult). 24″x72″ – Oil & Copper Leaf on Canvas

Asian Entrance

Here is the entrance to my place. I spent a couple of months just doing the paint work which spans the entire lower level in an organic and flowing, tiered design. The furnishing came from an often visited SuttonWood Antiques. 90’x18′ – Latex & Acrylic

Cherry Blossoms

This is a painting done on copper leaf so it’s hard to get the luminosity in the picture but it really glows. 14″x36″ – Oil on Copper/Canvas

Fire on Water

This painting used stippling to recreate the shimmer effect of water. The leaf was backlit and I tried to capture the glow. 36″x14″ – Oil on Canvas

Drop in the Bucket

This is my first hyper-realism painting and I love how it came out. Many people didn’t believe that it was painted at first! 24″x36″ – Oil on Canvas